1. Types Of Insurance Millennials Need

    As a Millennial, you’re probably told what you need and don’t need all the time. From your parents to magazine articles, many people think they know what’s best for Millennials. On top of that, most Millennials are being hounded for everything they do wrong. If you’re a Millennial, then you’ve probably heard a few times how you shouldn’t do this or buy that. However, one thing that Mil…Read More

  2. A Brief History Of Insurance

    When do you think insurance came about? Was it 100 years ago? Was it 200 years ago? Can we date back insurance all the way to Benjamin Franklin? Are we able to date it back even further to the ancient empires? Insurance has been in some form in our society for hundreds of years, but how long and what was the original conception of insurance services? The Beginning Of Insurance If you can believe i…Read More

  3. The Importance Of Contractors Insurance

    Huntington Beach Insurance Agency caters to a wide array of insurance services. We pride ourselves on having a 24-hour max response time as well as instant quotes available to your online. Not only are we easily accessible, but we also offer a wide variety of insurance services to many residents throughout California. We are the leading insurance company in the Golden State and strive to do the be…Read More

  4. The Importance Of Restaurant Insurance

    At Huntington Pacific Insurance Agency, we pride ourselves on ensuring you are covered and financially stable when it comes to your home or your business. As a restaurant owner, you’ve poured your sweat, time, and energy into a restaurant you want to take off more than anything. From discovering your desire for creating tasty dishes to taking out your first loan, starting a restaurant is a lot o…Read More

  5. The Importance Of Business Insurance

    How many years have you dreamed about owning your own business? How long have you wished you had enough money to open your own business? You’ve probably spent months - years even - trying to figure out when you could open your business. So, wouldn’t you want to protect it to the best of your abilities? The most significant way you can protect your business is with insurance services. Business …Read More

  6. The Importance Of Homeowners Insurance

    Have you taken the time to protect your home from any damage it could sustain in a natural disaster or another type of event? If homeowners insurance has always been a backburner need for you and you’ve never invested the time or the money into it, then this blog is for those who need to know the full story of homeowners insurance. After all, no one likes to just throw money down the drain and t…Read More

  7. The Importance Of Auto Insurance

    Auto insurance: you probably have it or are considering purchasing a better package than the one you have now. Auto insurance is able to give you the protection you need for your automobile. When you have good auto insurance, you don’t have to worry about financial issues or what would happen if you found yourself in a car accident. At Huntington Pacific Insurance Agency, we strive to give you t…Read More

  8. Will Filing A Business Insurance Claim Impact Your Rates?

    You invested in business insurance to gain a level of financial protection for your company. You wanted to be sure that, if something were to happen — such as a fire, storm or theft —there would be financial protection in place to help you keep your company's doors open. But you may be worried that filing a claim in these situation could lead to higher rates. Whether or not a business insuranc…Read More

  9. Things to do When Setting Up A Business

    Starting a new business is no easy feat and chances are, you have a very long checklist of tasks that must be completed before you open the doors to the public. Though all of these tasks are important, you should take some time to ensure that your new business will be protected during operations. Here are a few things to consider Security Ensuring that all your hard work is protected day and night…Read More

  10. Business Insurance for Non-Profit Organizations

    When running a business, it is important to have adequate insurance to protect the organization from liability or damage. This same mindset should apply to non-profit organizations, as they can also be held liable in the event of an accident or other unforeseen circumstance. How does non-profit insurance differ from a standard business insurance policy? Common coverage for a non-profit organizatio…Read More