A Workplace Accident Has Occurred – Now What?

The California Department of Industrial Relations recorded 14,255 nonfatal workplace injuries and illness in 2010. What was your business’ share of that total? An accident on the job could quickly spiral out of control when it is handled improperly. There are three basic steps to remember when a mishap occurs on the premises.

Medical Aid

Your first priority should be to make sure the affected workers receive prompt medical care. For severe incidents, you should call 911 right away. Injuries and illnesses could be exacerbated by delays in treatment.


Once the hurt employees have been given into the care of a medical profession, you should turn your attention to filling out the necessary forms for workers’ compensation. Failing to complete this task in a timely manner could slow the claim process, which in turn could result in financial stress for your staff members and their families.

Follow Up

You should check on the injured or ill employees the following day, especially if the accident has caused them to take time off work. Make the time to answer any questions they have and start discussing options to get them back on the job quickly.
A workplace accident could turn into an unpleasant and protracted incident if the situation is managed inappropriately. Your goal should be to maintain a civil relationship with both your workers and their families. Failing to do so could lead to hurt feelings and a lengthy claim.