Building Safety Inspections to Identify Potential Hazards

Because of the ever lingering threat of earthquakes in California, the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) has a number of suggestions a business property owner should implement for increased protection in the event of an earthquake. As a business owner, by applying the appropriate safety techniques, you may be able to decrease the severity of damage to your commercial building. Your local agent should also be able to discuss with you some options for business insurance California and earthquake insurance coverage, and may be able to help you to better understand building protection concerns as they relate to insurance.

As an example, if your building has gas lines running into it, make sure you have the appropriate safety shut off valves installed. Typically, the shut off valve is a small red device installed near the gas meter or the propane tank. Rigid gas lines can snap during an earthquake, and the resulting leak could cause a fire which can destroy your entire building. Also make sure your gas lines are properly braced to reduce the chance of rupture. Even better, look into installing flexible connections to your gas tanks which should not be as easily affected by most earthquake movements.

The IBHS also has a number of other tips for reducing damage from earthquake and other disasters and perils. When obtaining business insurance California and earthquake coverage policies, make sure you discuss your building safety plan with your local agent. By improving your building’s resistance to disaster, you may even be able to secure lower premiums.