Business Insurance For Non-Profit Organizations

For any non-profit organization in California that operates in a business manner, it is essential to provide protection in case of loss through business insurance. California non-profit organizations are as vulnerable to losses as any other business and there are special policies to suit their needs.
  • Property damage coverage operates in same way as for other businesses – it provides coverage for loss due to covered perils and for “betterments’ and added fixtures if the work space or shop is rented.
  • Liability insurance is very important – if the organization is sued for libel or injury, it could be financially devastating if they are not adequately covered. It may be particularly important to consider liability coverage for volunteers if the organization “employs” them. An umbrella liability policy should also be a consideration.
  • Depending on the nature of the business, other types of coverage should be considered – for instance a small charity shop may need coverage for theft and burglary.

Non-profit organizations need to be as mindful about security as any business. It’s important to have procedures in place regarding cash-handling and key-management as well as good security regarding access. They also need to make sure that their work space is as safe as possible, particularly if it is frequented by members of the public.
Naturally, saving money is an important issue for non-profit organizations, particularly charities that do not want to spend too much on administration. To get a good deal on their business insurance, California organizations can speak to a qualified agent about the types of coverage they need and the range of policies available.