Do Artists Need California Commercial Insurance?

Many artists and other creative individuals dislike dealing with business matters, but making money typically entails some business-like thinking. That may also mean thinking about California commercial insurance for your studio and its contents. Your studio is your workplace, and if you pursue your art full time, it is also quite likely that your work is main source of income.

If you own the building in which your studio is located, it should be covered by an insurance policy that will cover you in the event of damages caused by fire and theft. If you are renting your studio space, then you will need to take out coverage to protect your possessions within the space, as the owner’s policy for the building will not cover your personal things.

If you have any special equipment, then you’ll want to make sure that the policy you take out adequately covers these items. The same thing goes for any other unique tools of your trade, such as digital media equipment and imported materials.

If you bring buyers to your studio or conduct classes, you’ll want liability coverage in case a visitor or student is injured on your premises.

In these tough economic times, being an artist can be a precarious way to earn a living, but don’t cut expenses by ignoring the need for a California commercial insurance policy – you may not see yourself as a traditional business enterprise, but you do face many of the same risks.