Do I Need a Business Auto Policy?

As an owner of a small business in the Golden State, you’ll need to have your finger on the pulse in a lot of areas. Fluctuations of the market, your location and the varying needs of your customers are just a few factors to keep in mind. However, surely one of the most important is your business insurance. California based enterprises cover a range of industries and you need to ensure the right coverage for your firm and type of business activities.

One of the key questions concerning this coverage is whether or not you need business auto coverage. The line between business use and personal use is blurred for many small business owners. A vehicle might be used for both business and private purposes. Should you take out private auto insurance or commercial auto insurance? The answer will depend on just how you use your vehicle for business.

The business owner who is using the vehicle to attend client premises will almost certainly require commercial coverage; whereas a business owner who merely drives to and from the business premises (perhaps occasionally stopping at a shop to pick up a stationery item) may only require private auto coverage.

Our agents can assist you in determining whether or not you need business auto insurance and assist you to find a policy to suit your needs. What you require will depend on whether you own, lease, or rent your vehicles; who drives them, and how often they are driven. For this type of coverage and all other types of business insurance, California based entrepreneurs are welcome to call us for assistance.