Don’t Skimp on Your California Business Insurance

Are you about to skimp on your business insurance? California business owners who do might live to regret it if disaster does strike – and we have seen our share of disasters in this region. Many small business owners are struggling, and start-up operations often have very limited funds, but insurance is a key element in operating a financially sound business, so it’s important not to relegate it to the bottom of the priority list. Insurance works with other important elements to help keep your business out of financial difficulties. Here are just two examples to consider.
  1. The most obvious example will always be that of the business that is affected by a natural disaster. When a business has adequate insurance and a disaster recovery plan in place it has a much better chance of re-opening for trade than a business that is completely unprepared.

  2. Less obvious, is the risk of law suits. A business needs to have excellent quality control and safety procedures in place to minimize the risk of law suits relating to business activity. While a business can minimize the risk, it can never be truly eliminated, so having the right type of liability insurance in place can help to ensure that a business would be better able to cope with the added financial burden of a law suit.

Before you cut back on insurance – or worse, decide not to take out a policy – consider the huge risk that you are taking with your livelihood. Instead of cutting back, why not speak to our agent to see if we can make your business insurance California more affordable?