Gender Discrimination – Keeping It Out of the Workplace

Even in today’s world of equality and political correctness, employment practices liability insurance is essential. A lawsuit centered on discrimination could greatly damage your business financially, from the amount of money you have to spend fighting the claims in court, to any resulting community boycott. Gender discrimination is a common cause of complaint for both men and women in the workplace. To prevent applicants, employees, and past workers from filing a discrimination lawsuit, you should consider making the following part of your business practices.
  • Individuals should have a fair chance of obtaining the job during the application process no matter their gender.

  • One gender should not be given priority over another when it comes to promotion or termination.

  • Males and females in the same position should be given equal pay and benefits.

  • It is against the law to include gender preference in job advertisements unless the position is specially created for a male or female.

  • Gender discrimination should not be tolerated in any form or from any employee.

The above suggestions may help you avoid showing a prejudice towards a specific sex, but they cannot stop individuals from accusing you of improper practices. With employment practices liability insurance, you could help to ensure that your business has financial aid when facing claims of gender discrimination.