Ideas for Reducing Your Workers’ Comp Rates

Has your premium for workers’ comp recently increased? What choices do you have to minimize this additional financial burden? Whatever method you choose to come up with the extra money needed, your focus should not just be on maintaining your coverage. You should also concentrate on reducing the cost of insurance. How can you do this?

One way to reduce your workers’ compensation premiums is making safety a priority at your business. What sort of policies do you have in place to prevent workplace injuries? Through proper training and detailed procedures, you may be able to prevent accidents, which could lead to less claims, and therefore savings on your premiums.

Have you looked at your California business premises lately, with an eye toward hazard reduction? It’s important to make sure that you have minimized any obvious risks, particularly those things that can cause a slip, trip or fall accident – some of the most common workplace accidents.

Some of these things can include not having a handrail installed in a stairwell, failing to have procedures in place to ensure spills are quickly mopped up, mats that are not secured properly to the floor, electrical cables in the way, or shelves that are not properly anchored.