Insurance Needs of Catering Businesses

The kinds of business insurance protection a catering company requires are influenced by the type of catering it undertakes. Some business insurance California products are carried by most catering businesses, while other products such as liquor liability insurance have been designed for particular needs.

All catering businesses need to have general liability coverage as protection from the risk of lawsuits arising from their operations. A catering company’s general liability policy should include clauses for completed operations and products, to cover the cost of claims related to catering jobs undertaken and food products supplied. A bodily injury clause protects the business assets in the event of someone becoming ill, and a property damage clause allows for compensation for costs related to damage to a hospitality venue. A catering company may be exposed to other liability risks that can be covered by personal injury and advertising injury clauses in the general liability policy.

California businesses that employ workers are obliged to carry workers compensation insurance, and commercial auto insurance is also a requirement if there are company vehicles.

The owner of a catering business is likely to require property coverage as protection from the loss of business assets such as business premises, equipment and inventory items such as foodstuffs. Any catering business is exposed to a range of business risks and needs the protection of business insurance. California catering business owners who wish to ensure that business investment is protected may benefit from consulting an insurance agency.