Is Sexual Harassment A Crime?

Sexual harassment in a workplace setting is something many people face. It can be a formal crime, but it depends on the circumstances. Under United States law, sexual harassment in the workplace is often treated as a civil wrong. It’s important to know that sexual harassment is illegal in the sense that it is a violation of state and federal civil laws. However, whether or not it is considered a criminal matter depends on the acts involved.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a growing problem and one that may lead to risks the company has to face. How can your business be held responsible in such an instance?

Because sexual harassment is often treated as a civil rather than a criminal matter, the victim can sue the perpetrator for what occurs. This also means that as an employer, you can be sued as a result of sexual harassment occurring in the workplace.

What Are Sexual Harassment Risks In The Workplace?

Generally, sexual harassment is described as an unwanted or unwelcomed touch, comment, or any other type of conduct. It can occur to men or women. Some examples include:

  • Conduct in a sexual nature or directed toward the individual’s gender

  • It includes adverse job actions against the individual

  • It creates a hostile work environment or an offensive work environment

  • Is Sexual Harassment A Crime

When it comes to business insurance, the ultimate goal of any company is to provide a safe work environment. This includes sexual harassment.

The most common form of protection for sexual harassment claims against your business is employment practices liability — or EPL insurance. This is a special type of liability insurance that is often available from business insurance carriers to protect the company from financial risks associated with liability in such instances.

When it comes down to it, not all instances of sexual harassment evoke criminal charges, but they are often civil concerns that employers need to protect against. Talk to your insurance company to determine what steps you can take to make your workplace safer and less likely to allow this type of harassment to occur.

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