Is Sexual Harassment a Crime Only Against Women?

Has sexual harassment ever been reported at your business? A document created by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission states that there were 11,364 reported cases of sexual harassment in 2011. According to the report, men filed 16.3 percent of these claims. Many people fail to realize that sexual harassment is not a female-only crime. Males also experience unwanted sexual attention and pressure at work.

While there is a large difference in the number of cases that were reported by men, compared to the number filed by women, this does not mean that your only focus should be to protect your female employees. All workers have the right to complete their jobs harassment-free, no matter their gender, industry, or position.
What practices could prevent sexual harassment?

  • You should run pre-employment background checks.
  • Workers should know any concerns and allegations would be kept confidential.
  • Have a zero-tolerance policy in place for sexual harassment.
  • Do not give an excessive amount of power to one employee.

Sexual harassment is a crime, and it could lead to a lot of trouble for your business. Even if you did not know it was happening, you could still have a certain amount of liability placed on your shoulders because you are the business owner. While there is employment practices liability insurance available to cover the cost of such incidences, it is equally as important to adjust your operation policies, offer training on sexual harassment, and take steps to safeguard your employees – male and female.