Is Your California Business Safe From A Law Suit?

Does your business insurance California have you covered for the variety of liability related risks a business can face? Do you have insurance at all? In tough times, many start-up operators take out little or no business insurance, but this can be a fundamental error. Liability insurance in particular is often glossed over as not being entirely necessary…yet. By the time you realize you do need it, it may be too late. Here are just some of the incidents that could lead to a customer filing a law suit against a business.
  • Injury sustained on the business premises. Slip and fall accidents are common; so too are claims for this type of incident.

  • Loss caused to a client’s business which the client perceives was due to negligence of an employee or the business owner. The circumstances can be diverse – from an IT company that causes a serious system shut down while working on their client’s systems, to an accountant who provides advice which results in his or her client suffering a financial loss.

  • Breach of copyright might result from inadvertently (or intentionally) copying a competitor’s advertisement, to copying the website content from a site that’s not yours.

Whether you’re a website designer or a professional who offers advice to clients, the risk of a law suit pertaining to your actions is present – even if you’re a small start-up with few clients. Speak to us about putting business insurance California in place to protect your enterprise.