Keep Soaring Like a Bird with Proper Protection for Your Hang Glider

The northern California coastline has some of the most pristine views in the world for hang gliding. You can even go on tandem hang gliding trips if you are just a beginner and are wondering what the world looks like from a bird’s perspective. Southern California with its cliffs and canyons is also a popular place for hang gliding because the breezes are steady, there’s plenty of open space, and the views are spectacular. It’s nice to know your CA insurance may cover your hang glider with basic or more specialized coverage, which a local agent should be able to set up for you.

Your homeowner’s or renter’s policy may offer basic contents coverage for you hang glider if it gets stolen, or damaged by an accident while transporting it on your car. This coverage will be subject to the stated perils on your policy, such as windstorm fire and hail, with your standard deductible.

As you move more towards the higher end of hang gliding, and perhaps own several expensive hang gliders, your CA insurance agent should be able to also provide you with options for specialized coverage with low deductibles and a much broader range of coverage. At our agency, our aim is to keep you flying, free from the concerns of damage or loss to you hang glider. Speak to one of our agents about your options for insurance for your special hobby.