Keeping Your Guests and Your Finances Safe

Are you planning on entertaining as the weather warms up? The holidays are typically a time when families gather to celebrate and spend time together. When you are playing host to your nearest and dearest this holiday season, make sure you are adequately covered against a mishap by your CA insurance.

Although most holiday gatherings go without a hitch, in the rare event that a visitor to your home is injured on the premises you could be held liable. Making sure you have adequate liability coverage on your home insurance is essential at all times, particularly when you are expecting multiple guests to your home.

In addition to the liability risks, make sure your home is protected against every day hazards such as fire and theft. Chances are that if you’re entertaining, you’ll be cooking more and the added confusion of catering for a large number of people could increase the risk of kitchen fires. Make sure your insurance coverage is sufficient to protect you financially in the event of any damage.

Your CA insurance should hopefully provide coverage against theft of any personal items of yours but what about those of your visitors? Check with your insurance agent to see what is covered under your policy in the event that an opportunistic thief decides to break into your home while you are out at a family lunch.