Policies and Procedures May Help Cut Claims

As a small or medium-sized business owner, you may not have many staff. Yet even employing one person means you need California workers compensation in place. It also means you should use some of your precious time to write up a set of detailed policies and procedures for your business.

Even the smallest business with employees may gain a great deal of benefit from formally writing down “how we do things around here” and making sure all staff know about it. Documents can cover the rules of your business, as well as how to do things. The how-to documents can act as supplements to training, and be ever-present reminders of how to carry out operations safely.

Should it be appropriate to your business, you may want to put up posters showing some things step-by-step, or perhaps the three most important things staff need to constantly bear in mind. This can also help make sure everyone is working in the same way, and avoid short-cuts creeping in.

Policies and procedures information can also be drawn up to cover expected standards in dress, customer service and your vacation policy. You might also want to specify how employees can report bullying or grievances and say how you will respond.

Paperwork alone cannot reduce accidents and California workers compensation claims. It is your responsibility, as the business owner, to make sure policies and procedures are followed, so that work is carried out safely.