Protect Your Business From Risks with Restaurant Insurance

It can be incredibly exciting to start a new restaurant. Perhaps you’ve done the hard work of coming up with a menu, planning the layout and even handling the marketing. But before you sign your name to a lease or purchase real estate, it is necessary to protect all of that hard work and those valuable assets. The right restaurant insurance policy can do that for you. Do you have a policy that covers all of your risks?

Protect Your Business From Risks with Restaurant Insurance

Protect Your Property First

The largest investment you’ll make into your new restaurant is the property. This includes the building (whether you are buying or leasing), as well as the equipment and inventory. Business property coverage and outdoor sign coverage are a must. A business insurance plan can cover your building and contents in cases such as a burst water pipe, fire or theft.

Business Income Coverage

Once your business is up and running, you’ll need to ensure that income is flowing in. You may have a mortgage to pay, vendor bills to cover and employee salaries to dole out. When a covered loss — such as a fire or vandalism — stops you from keeping the doors to your restaurant open, you’ll appreciate having business income coverage to provide funds while you make an necessary repairs.

Liability Protection is Essential

Liability risks are often expensive. In short, this type of insurance plan provides you with coverage for most situations in which you are sued. This may be due to losses as they relate to your products, employees or services in which someone else — such as a customer — is harmed. Liability insurance offers financial protection against many lawsuits that could otherwise shutter your business.

Equipment Breakdown Protection

Another type of restaurant insurance policy to consider is equipment breakdown coverage. Just as the name implies, it can help you with repair and replacement costs for burnout, operator error, mechanical breakdown or power surges.

When it comes to ensuring your new business, the right combination of features is essential. The best way to get the right level and type of restaurant coverage is to work closely with your agent. Discuss your options and get the right features to keep your restaurant operational.

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