Protecting Your Business’ Digital Assets

If you own a business, chances are, you understand the value of computers, servers and digital data. More and more businesses are becoming entrenched in the digital world, albeit at a cost. Storing information digitally opens up your business to cybercrime and other various losses.

Protecting Your Business' Digital Assets

You’ve heard news reports about hackers accessing company databases and stealing customers’ sensitive information, but there are plenty of other digital risks that you should consider as well. For instance, severe weather can lead to a power surge knocking out your servers. Or, an employee may accidentally leave a work tablet in a coffee shop, exposing digital data to theft. Your biggest risk may even stem from something as simple as neglecting to regularly back up your data.

And the statistics are shocking! About half of all businesses report their concern over multiple cyber risks, while over a third of those businesses experience a data breach every year. Large companies with teams of IT professionals may be equipped to protect their business against cyber threats, but many small businesses don’t share that luxury. That’s why it’s recommended that you consult with an online security professional to ensure the proper firewalls and other protocols are in place to protect your business’ digital data.

On top of those measures, talk to your independent insurance agent about the benefits of cyber liability insurance. If you do experience a breach, your business could receive funds to offset the resulting expenses, such as data retrieval, customer notification, credit monitoring services, PR services and more.

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