Risk Management & Commercial Insurance for Restaurants

Are you a restaurant owner in California? Commercial insurance is one of the ways to manage some of the risks associated with operating a food business, but there is much more to managing risk than simply taking out an insurance policy.

To manage risks you must first identify them. Risks for your type of operation might include: property damage and business interruption from natural disaster, food spoilage due to power outages, law suits as a result of food poisoning and allergic reactions, and kitchen fires to name a few.

Once you’ve identified your risks, the next step is to work out what steps can be taken to minimize or eliminate those risks – this might include, for example, ensuring that all your employees attend and pass a food safety management course. Similarly, you might reduce the risk of worker injury and workers’ compensation claims by using non-slip kitchen mats; and reduce the risk of fire by implementing fire safety procedures and purchasing a fire extinguisher.

Writing up a formal risk management plan might sound like a task more befitting large corporations than restaurants but in fact it’s not a difficult task and may help a small business owner to establish safe work practices.

Do you need California commercial insurance for your restaurant? Our agents are familiar with restaurant related risks and would be happy to provide further information or quotes for your business.