The Importance Of Restaurant Insurance

At Huntington Pacific Insurance Agency, we pride ourselves on ensuring you are covered and financially stable when it comes to your home or your business. As a restaurant owner, you’ve poured your sweat, time, and energy into a restaurant you want to take off more than anything. From discovering your desire for creating tasty dishes to taking out your first loan, starting a restaurant is a lot of hard work that requires careful preparation. Whether you’ve wanted your own restaurant for years or decades, it’s important that you take all of the necessary steps to make sure your restaurant is in top form. Huntington Pacific Insurance Agency can help with one aspect of your restaurant and that’s the insurance services. Insurance services are an essential facet in any restaurant, so take the time to talk to an insurance agent to learn the big picture of restaurant insurance.

What Is Restaurant Insurance?

Restaurant insurance is an insurance service to protect your restaurant from anything detrimental happening. For instance, restaurant insurance will protect your business from problems, broken equipment, injured employees, and liability lawsuits. Restaurant insurance is essential if you are looking to open a restaurant and is a great way to ensure you are protected in any case scenario. When it comes to opening a restaurant, there’s no such thing as taking extra precautions.

Insurance You Should Have If You’re A Restaurant

When you’ve decided to open a restaurant, insurance is a must. There’s not just one type of restaurant insurance either that you need to take into consideration. Instead, there are multiple types of insurance services you need to take advantage of when you decide to open a restaurant. Below is a list of the different types of insurance you need for your restaurant. Keep in mind that insurance services will protect your business from any situations that may occur from broken refrigerators to employees who have gotten into car accidents in the company car.

  • General liability
  • Liquor liability
  • Workers compensation
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Property insurance
  • Fire insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Food contamination insurance
  • Loss of business insurance
  • Specific peril insurance
  • Automobile liability

Huntington Pacific Insurance Agency can assist you with a majority of these insurance services. All you need to do is create an insurance portfolio and talk to an insurance agent today.

Why Do I Need Restaurant Insurance?

Like any type of insurance service, restaurant insurance will save you any financial trouble. If an employee slips and falls coming out of the kitchen and breaks their arm, then they’ll be able to get workers’ compensation so all medical expenses are covered while also ensuring you don’t have to pay out of pocket. If the cooker or air conditioning unit breaks down, under equipment breakdown insurance you don’t have to worry about paying to fix it. When you have equipment breakdown insurance, you can get the proper maintenance and preventative care it needs to make sure everything is secure without worrying about finances. Restaurant insurance is for those restaurant owners who want to stay financially stable and protect their restaurant.

From liquor legal liability to property insurance, Huntington Pacific Insurance Agency has you covered.