The Importance of Safety in the Workplace

The ongoing safety of your workplace is important for continued success. And when it comes to safety, there are two main components to consider: providing a safe environment for employees/customers and securing the building against crime. Let’s dig a little deeper to understand the importance of workplace safety, along with how you can achieve your safety goals.


Maintaining A Safe Workplace

Your employees should be able to perform their jobs without worrying about getting injured or falling ill. In fact, employees who feel safe at work are more likely to be productive and efficient than those who are concerned about poor safety practices. Additionally, your customers should feel safe while on business property. Consider implementing the following practices to enhance workplace safety:

  • Install smoke alarms and fire sprinklers. Keep fire extinguishers around the building. Ensure that employees are regularly trained on what to do in the event of a fire.
  • Keep walkways and common areas free of clutter. Neatly coil wires against the wall. If any tripping hazards are present, clearly mark them.
  • Provide any necessary safety gear or equipment that employees need to perform their jobs.
  • Limit smoking to designated outdoor locations. Do not allow open flames (including candles) inside.

There are plenty of additional methods of boosting workplace security, many of which are industry specific. You may wish to consult a risk professional to identify areas for improvement.

Protecting Your Workplace From Crime

Apart from safety hazards, you must also consider the possibility of theft and/or vandalism. Boosting the building’s security can help prevent these incidents, though the risk is never completely erased. Here are a few ways to protect your workplace from crime:

  • Install outdoor motion-sensor lighting to help scare off possible thieves.
  • Make use of deadbolts, a security alarm and window break sensors.
  • If your budget allows, security cameras are very useful tools for improving security; if a theft does occur, cameras can help to identify the suspect.
  • Consult an IT professional about boosting digital security to protect your business’ data you’re your customers’ personal information.

These protections are often worth the initial expense, since they could save your business thousands in the long run. Not to mention, you can rest easy knowing your business is protected.

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