Tips for Taking an RV Trip With Kids

Taking an RV trip appeals to many families since the vehicle is more spacious and food can be prepared at any time — meaning less stops at the Golden Arches when the kids get fussy. But as with any other trip, a few helpful tips will ensure that your vacation goes smoothly.


Let the kids take a backpack of their favorite toys. Space is at a premium, so allow each child to pack their backpack, or a small plastic tub with a lid, full of toys, books and games that they want to bring. This will limit how much comes along and ensure that it can all be stored neatly.

Plan road games for everyone. Do a little research to find various road games to play with the family as you travel hundreds of miles. I Spy, 20 Questions and the License Plate Game are all perennial favorites that can engage everyone for hours.

Center stops around meal time. If you won’t be doing your own cooking, or have a favorite restaurant that you always stop at on your trips, try to arrive there around your normal meal time so the kids won’t be thrown off by the change in routine. Also, check ahead to find out about parking options. You may have to park your RV in a store’s parking lot and then walk over to the restaurant if they don’t have adequate parking space. Knowing which challenges you might face will help ensure the whole family isn’t grumpy at lunchtime.

Stop at interesting places. Plan to stop at historic sights, museums and parks as you travel. This gets everyone out of the RV and moving, breaks up the long trip and may provide some learning opportunities. If your kids are older, allow them to have a say in where you stop.

Chose campgrounds with activities for kids. Just because you’ve stopped the RV for the day doesn’t mean the kids have stopped going as well. Try to find a place that offers hiking trails, a pool, a playground or a rec center so that the kids have something to do between dinner and bedtime.

As you get ready for your trip, take the time to review/update your RV insurance policy so your family travels with protection.

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