What Is Carpel Tunnel Syndrome?

When it comes to working in the clerical field, there is always a danger of having an employee file for California workers compensation due to carpel tunnel syndrome. What is it? It is a condition involving the median nerve, which extends from the shoulder to the wrist. When it is pressed or squeezed at the carpel tunnel, which is a mass of tissue and bone in the wrist, chronic pain could occur.

The median nerve controls the sensations that a person feels in their hands. This includes the palm, the thumb and the three middle fingers. When the median nerve is squeezed, a tingling or numb sensation occurs in the hands. Should it be left untreated, the irritated nerve could cause swelling and pain that shoots up the forearm.

Carpel tunnel often occurs because of a constant repetitious motion, such as typing or performing the same task over and over on an assembly line. Simple changes in activity and wearing wrist braces could make a significant difference. When the condition is ignored for a long period of time however, the only relief might involve surgery.

Although carpel tunnel syndrome is not the most common reason for clerical staff to file for California workers compensation, it should not be dismissed. With regular breaks and proper technique, your employees may be able to escape the potentially prolonged agony of carpel tunnel syndrome.