What Millennials Need To Know About Insurance


In Types Of Insurance Millennials Need, we went over three types of insurance that every millennial should take advantage of. In a brief overview, these types of insurance were auto insurance, liability insurance if you do freelance work, and renters or homeowners insurance depending on if you rent or if you buy. These three types of insurance are vital because millennials need to protect themselves and their financial status. At Huntington Pacific Insurance, we offer several different insurance services that will keep you protected financially. From auto insurance to contractors insurance, we can step in and figure out the best insurance services that will fit your life.


Three Aspects Millennials Should Know About Insurance

To go further on this theme of what millennials need for insurance, we decided to dive into more information about insurance services with three aspects Millennials should know about insurance. Insurance isn’t taught in schools nor is it something people put a lot of emphasis on even though it’s important, which is why we want to go over what you need to know about insurance in today’s blog.

It’s An Investment

The first aspect you need to know about insurance services is that it’s an investment. You’re going to need to put some money toward your insurance to protect yourself. It might seem counterintuitive to spend money to protect yourself financially, but investing in insurance service will help you in the long run. Spending that $100 on auto insurance will keep you protected if you were ever in an accident. Spending insurance on your home will ensure you are protected if something were ever to happen to your home. It’s a smart investment that you need to make to ensure you are protected.

It’s Meant To Keep Financially Protected

The second aspect you should know as a Millennial about insurance is that it’s meant to protect you financially. The bottom line of any type of insurance is that it’s meant to save you money or protect you if an accident were to occur. Let’s take a look at auto insurance. You pay on average $600 every six months for auto insurance. You’ve never gotten in an accident until someone hits you in the parking lot at work or the mall. There’s a huge dent in the back of your car and you call your insurance company to tell them what happened. Instead of spending two grand to fix your car, you just have to put down a quarter of that money to fix your car and you can even get a temporary car as your’s is fixed. Not only do you get to save that two grand you would have had to spend, but you’re also leasing a car for a low or for free.

It’s Actually Worth The Price

Insurance services are worth the price. In our situation about auto insurance, you’re paying that $100 a month every month, but you’re doing it to protect yourself from spending out of your pocket. It might seem expensive to add that $100 to your bills every month, but if you were in an accident, it beats paying thousands of dollars in damage. If that little dent wasn’t so little and actually totaled your car, you would be getting a new car and saving money because you knew, in the long run, auto insurance was worth the price.

If you’re looking for insurance services that are affordable, then contact Huntington Pacific Insurance.

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