When to Review Your California Commercial Insurance

Businesses and commercial ventures, like everything in life, are not static. They change due to all sorts of factors, some planned and others not. Your California commercial insurance needs to change with your business, so that no matter how it develops and changes over the years, you will have the right level of coverage. Here are just a few ways in which a business can change that can affect the insurance coverage required:

Growth in Turnover

If you have coverage in place for business interruption, stored goods, cash on the premises or anything else that may increase as your turnover does, you’ll want to periodically review your level of coverage.


Have your services or product range been expanded? When you first obtained your policy you would have been asked to provide details about the services and products your business offers. Your insurance coverage is based on the information you provided at that time, so if these factors have changed, your coverage may need to change, too.


If you’ve expanded from a one person start-up to a busy small business with employees, you may be required to take out workers’ compensation insurance.
For any growing business in California, commercial insurance needs are likely to change as the business grows. It’s easy to forget to update your policy, but if something goes wrong, it can prove to be a very costly oversight.