Why Having Restaurant Insurance is Essential

You’re in the business of creating and serving delicious food. And if you’re like most restaurant owners, you’d prefer not to get bogged down with excessive paperwork. Every minute spent on administrative details (like insurance coverage) is a minute taken away from more important activities (like delivering value to paying customers).

Why Having Restaurant Insurance is Essential

But having the right type of restaurant insurance can actually reduce paperwork. More important, proper liability coverage shields you from unforeseeable events like property damage, loss of income, and lawsuits.

No patron will ever rate your establishment based on the quality of your paperwork. They come for the dining experience – food is literally your bread & butter. But without proper restaurant insurance, you face countless risks that can do far more damage than a negative Yelp review ever could.

What Should A Standard Restaurant Insurance Policy Cover?

In addition to litigation, personal injury, and property damage protection, a good business owner policy (BOP) should include clauses for:

  • Identity theft (both for you and for your card-paying customers)
  • Valuable papers and documents
  • Workers compensation
  • Equipment malfunctions
  • Food spoilage and contamination
  • Off-premise utility failures

Any one of the above can bring your business to a halt, forcing you to lose precious income on top of the out-of-pocket expenses you’ll have to pay.

Depending on the type of restaurant you run, you may need additional coverage. For example:

  • If you serve alcohol, you’ll need a liquor liability clause in case a customer has an accident after leaving your establishment.
  • If you make deliveries, your restaurant’s vehicles might not be covered under general liability insurance. The same goes for valet parking.
  • If you live in a disaster-prone area, you should explore specific peril policies that protect you from earthquakes and floods.

Does All Of The Above Sound Like A Hassle?

It seems overwhelming at first. All of these different types of coverage sound like a lot of extra paperwork – which is precisely what you’re trying to avoid.

But receiving full coverage is a lot easier than you think.

At Huntington Pacific Insurance Agency, we do all of the heavy lifting on your behalf. When you request a free quote, we carefully analyze your business needs and match you with one of the insurance companies within our carefully selected network.

We’ve helped hundreds of restaurants get the protection they need with absolutely zero hassle. And far from being expensive, this coverage is extremely affordable and offers protection against much costlier expenses like bankruptcies and litigation. As a result, our clients can continue focusing exclusively on what they do best – serving delicious meals to happy patrons.

Discover what this peace of mind can do for your business. Call Huntington Pacific Insurance Agency at (714) 841-6283 for a free California restaurant insurance quote.