Why We Recommend Renters Insurance

If you rent your home, you can’t go wrong with renters insurance. Many financial professionals agree that renters insurance is a policy that will not waste your money. The price tag is relatively low, while the benefits it packs can be huge. Here are a few of the reasons why we recommend renters insurance, whether you rent an apartment or a house.

Why We Recommend Renters Insurance

Disasters and Liability Risks

Renters insurance covers a variety of disasters, including fire and severe weather. If a thunderstorm causes a tree to fall through your living room window, your belongings may be damaged as the rain pours into your apartment. Your landlord’s insurance policy is likely responsible for the damage to the building, but your personal renters insurance policy helps cover your damaged possessions. Additionally, your renters insurance policy helps cover liabilities, such as a friend’s medical expenses if he or she is injured during a visit.


Weather isn’t the only occurrence that can damage your stuff. Theft and vandalism can contribute to pricey losses. Luckily, renters insurance policies often cover your belongings that have fallen victim to crime. After all, the actions of criminals cannot be predicted, and sometimes a locked door won’t cut it.

Temporary Displacement

If your apartment becomes uninhabitable for a period of time — such as following fire damage that requires extensive repairs — many renters insurance policies help cover the cost of temporary housing.

Low Price Tag

You can see that renters insurance comes with big benefits to protect you against unforeseen losses. But even better, you get all this great coverage for a low cost. Most policies cost you less than $25 per month; a price tag which may be even lower because premiums are calculated based on the valuation of your belongings. So for the price of one nice meal out per month, or a handful of fancy coffee drinks, you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your assets are protected.

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