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Contractor’s Liability Insurance

Are you searching for affordable contractor’s liability insurance that’s reasonable and able to meet all of your needs? 

When you come to Huntington Pacific Insurance Agency, you’re able to acquire all of the different types of insurance you need. Whether you need builder’s risk insurance or workers compensation insurance, you’ll be able to have everything for your insurance requirements covered. Contact us for all of your contractor insurance needs.

What Can Contractors Insurance Do For Me?

Whatever field you’re in, it’s best to have insurance. We offer worker’s compensation, general liability insurance, builders risk insurance, and more any other forms of insurance, so it only makes sense that we also cater to insurance for independent contractors. Independent contractors liability insurance can help to protect any independent contractor from lawsuits and other mishaps as well as another party damaging any kind of property. In addition, contractors insurance is able to help by providing medical care for anyone who may have been injured while on a job. For the legal concerns, contractor’s liability insurance can help to defend you if you are sued or someone threatens to sue you. Whether you need contractor’s insurance or not, it comes down to the type of insurance you are looking for, for your type of work. There are many different types of independent contractors who are able to receive contractor’s liability insurance.

Below are some of the different types of independent contractors that we cover:

• Air Conditioning

• Drywall

• Electrician

• General Contractors

• Handyman

• Carpentry

• Painters

• Heating/AC

• Painting

• House cleaners

• Carpet cleaners

• Flooring

• Iron or Metal Workers

• Construction contractors

Like many businesses, contracting also comes with it’s ups and downs. If you’re a contractor, it’s best if you take the time to get property and general liability insurance, to help you lower any financial risks that might put you out of business. You don’t want to have to come face to face with someone threatening to sue you and not have contractors liability insurance to cover any financial costs. In addition, contractor’s insurance also covers specific industry risks. At our insurance agency, we’re able to locate a specific, customized policy plan, for you to help you cover all of your contracting insurance needs. 

On the other hand, if you’re an employer who is hiring contractors, then you’ll want to make sure you also have contractor’s liability insurance. Contractor’s liability insurance will protect you as an employer just like it would protect the contractor. If you’re doing business with someone, you’ll want to make sure your finances are protected and you have the proper insurance. As an employer, whether you have business or homeowners insurance, doesn’t necessarily mean that you have contractor’s liability insurance. This is why it’s imperative that whether you’re the employer or the employee, that  you take the time to insure yourself correctly to avoid any possible lawsuits.

What Kinds Of Contractor’s Insurance Is Available To Me?

There are a few types of contractor’s liability insurance that’s available to you as either an employee or an employer. Below are just a few of the different types of coverages that an independent contractor can take advantage of.


Bodily Injury and Property Damage: Geared toward contractors who are looking to work with machinery that is heavy and may cause accidents. Due to the use of power tools and other hazardous instruments, this coverage is best for contractors who are in a machinery heavy field.


Professional Liability: Geared toward contractors who lean toward consulting and advice. This coverage is great to protect against any risk that might be due to a client experiencing any losses and it secures your own business’s finance in case a client blames you for any errors either because of negligence or a mistake.


Commercial Vehicle: If you are an independent contractor, commercial vehicle insurance is a good coverage to have access to. If there are any vehicles that are owned by your business, then it’s best to follow the state auto insurance laws to ensure you have the proper auto insurance. Make sure to protect your vehicle against any damages or accidents with this coverage.


Builder’s Risk: This insurance is a little different than the rest because the policy follows whether a project is written and goes by each project. This covers whether there is property or raw material that is afoot while construction is taking place.


Worker’s Compensation: If you’re an independent contractor it’s best to have workers compensation because you never know what could happen. Workers compensation covers many medical expenses and any wages that were lost after an injury occurs. Learn more about how workers compensation can protect you as a business and secure your medical expenses and time off as an employee


To learn more about contractor’s liability, worker’s compensation, or builder’s risk insurance, call today.