Customer Testimonials

Always Looking Out For My Small Business

These guys are amazing. I have never had better service requesting certificates required doing commercial business. They come through faster than anyone I have ever dealt with. They always seem to be looking out for my small business without ever pushing me to buy something.

A great company!

Perry C., Huntington Beach, CA
Unbelievable Customer Service Skills

I want to thank you for having great employees like Nick and Betsy. They both have unbelievable customer service skills and really know how to get the job done. Nick originally started the paperwork on Tuesday and sent me an email detailing what other paperwork he needed from me to complete my app. He also gave me the idea for just $1 or $2 more a month, I could lower my deducible to $100 instead of $250. Who doesn’t like a lower deductible???

Then when I got to Betsy’s office to complete the process, I told her, now that I am on one income, I have to work around my premium being due around the middle of month when my retirement check hits. She worked it out that I write her a physical check yesterday and she would send it somewhere ensuring that it would be deposited Thur or Fri so I wouldn’t incur any possible bank charges yesterday before my retirement check hit @ 1A this AM…

They are unbelievable and I am very happy that I decided to go w/you folks instead of Geicko, my Plan B company, in case Mercury couldn’t help me with my crazy Retirement check deposit day.

Thank you again for such an awesome team. Between Nick and Betsy, I know I made the right decision. Their customer service skills as well as their abilities to adapt to a particular timetable really made the difference for me. Your team is second to none!

Catherine C., Huntington Beach, CA
This Is How Business Should Be Done

have to express my sincere thanks for the speedy manner in which you got this accomplished, such a change from some of the companies I had contacted. You can rest assured I will recommend you and HPI without hesitation if I hear of anyone in need of insurance. This is how business should be done. Thank you again and best wishes to you.

Jill J., Huntington Beach, CA