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Learn about one of the many types of homeowners insurances we cover. To learn more about homeowners insurance or if you want to find out more about our commercial property insurance, contact an independent insurance agent.

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The Greater Los Angeles area is America’s second most populous metropolitan area. If you’re one of the millions of homeowners in the region, it’s essential that you protect your investment with the highest-quality homeowner’s insurance. Everyone’s needs are not similar, for the best results, consult a qualified insurance agent to help assess your needs and find the policy that is the proper fit for you.


Huntington Pacific Insurance Agency can help you achieve proper homeowners insurance. As one of California’s leading independent insurance agents, we can provide homeowners insurance policies from multiple carriers in order to help you find the finest homeowners insurance coverage at the perfect price for you. We provide free homeowners insurance quotes and exceptional customer service, so working with us for your auto insurance needs is easy and convenient. Contact us today to get started.

What Is Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners insurance offers financial security against any type of disaster. A standard policy will keep the home and the items in it insured. 

A package policy for homeowners insurance means it will cover the damage done to your property and the liability or legal responsibility to any injuries and property damage that occurs to you or members of your family that are caused to other people. Included in this policy is also damage that is caused by household pets.

The damage caused by many different disasters is generally covered, however, there are exceptions. The most compelling damages are generally caused by natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes. This also includes poor maintenance of your home. Keep in mind that to properly insure your home, you must buy two separate policies for flood and earthquake coverage. Any maintenance-related problems are the responsibility of the homeowners’.

Why Should You Get Homeowners Insurance?

Having insurance comes down to securing your own finances and ensuring your home and possessions are covered accordingly by the best homeowners insurance policy available. Your home is the largest investment you probably have, thus you should protect it.

• Due to the possibility of damage to your own by a fire or natural disaster, you’ll need to have money to fix or mend it.

• Liability protection and medical coverage will help keep guests safe in your home.

• Theft and vandalism happen, which is why homeowners insurance will help you cover losses or pay for repairs that need to be done.

• Lenders will require insurance if you’re paying for your home.

Remember, homeowners insurance is supposed to cover damage that is unexpected, not routine maintenance. Ask your agent to talk about what is covered and be sure to read your policy, so you know exactly what’s included and what is not

Talk To Your Insurance Agent About These Topics

Make an executive decision and speak to your insurance agent about these following topics.

• What would it cost to replace my belongings and/or rebuild my house if it was damaged or destroyed in a natural disaster or fire? (Talk to your agent about your home’s features and the items you own to consider the coverage you’d have available to you.)

•What’s the reputation like at the insurance agency and how is the customer service? Are claims fair and prompt?

Tell me about the discount availability? (Remember to ask about available discounts about the multiple policies, security system and discounts for fire resistance.)

•Walk me through the process of filing and settling claims. (Learn the process of filing and settling a claim, the person you need to call and talk to, and the process after you file a claim.)

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