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Restaurant owners have to acknowledge creating their own insurance portfolios. We offer an abundance of services, below are a couple of the restaurant insurance options that restaurateurs are able to pick from to help minimize financial risks from failed equipment, lawsuits, and property losses.

• Property Insurance: Financial protection is needed in the event that the restaurant’s property (either the building structure or contents) is destroyed or damaged in an insurable event like theft or a fire.

• Spoilage Coverage: Payments are provided if the power is lost or the equipment malfunctions and the food that is on hand spoils.

• Employment Practices Liability: Secure your restaurant against any possible lawsuits for any various employee complaints this includes discrimination, provided the treatment was not willful.

• Equipment Breakdown: Cover the price of repairs for any equipment that has broken down. This includes cookers, refrigerators, and air conditioning units. It’s worthwhile to note that if there is a lack of proper maintenance and the equipment breakdown occurs due to it, then the claim may not be covered.

• Workers Compensation Insurance: Pays for any medical expenses and any lost wages should an employee be hurt on the job.

Business Continuation Insurance: Provides ongoing income in the event that a business is compelled to shut down. Alternatively, it could pay for the expenses of temporary relocation of your restaurant.

• Liquor Legal Liability Insurance: This can aid in paying legal expenses and claims brought on by customers who may have been injured by an individual who was drinking in your establishment.

Keep in mind, restaurants are able to secure an all-in-one coverage. This comprehensive policy is tailored to the many facets of risks that restaurant owners are liable to face.

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