Five Kinds Of Insurance From Huntington

What’s most important to our clients? What do they come in for day to day?

Answering this question will show you more about how we work and what we offer in the local Huntington Beach community.

Auto Insurance

Everyone needs auto insurance to remain legally on the road.

But getting the right policy can be tricky, especially if you have any black marks on your driving record.

For DUI recipients, it can be even harder. They may need to seek specific kinds of state insurance after being charged with a crime and possibly losing their license. 

Even for someone with a clean driving record, getting the best deal can be tricky. It’s best to ask detailed questions about rates and discounts, to get the best deal possible. 

We work with clients to secure the auto insurance that they need to legally operate vehicles in the state of California.

Restaurant Insurance

There’s a lot to the modern restaurant. From the walk-in freezer to the range, different types of liability and property risks apply. High-heat and high-flame devices can present their own risks, and some of the operational aspects of cooking can raise the liability beyond what a different kind of business might have. 

We help to put together comprehensive restaurant policies for food service businesses and busy kitchens. For example, looking at the floor plan and the back of the house setup helps to narrow down the costs of coverage and what needs to be covered for a busy kitchen area. 

Home Insurance

How much is your home worth? How much is it worth to your lender? These are some early questions that we ask in putting together the best home insurance quotes for clients on a regular basis. Home insurance often goes into the escrow through which home insurers deal with mortgage companies, and that’s something that we are good at. 

Contractor Insurance

Contractors who visit people’s homes to fix home appliances and systems need liability insurance and more. We provide these kinds of specialized policies for businesses working in this industry. Think about what kinds of coverage apply to a contracting business with some specialization, or a more general “handyman” type business, and its form, from a sole proprietorship to a larger team. 

General Commercial Insurance

In general, businesses need commercial insurance to thrive. Many of them use an umbrella insurance policy with various elements and attributes. Talk to us about the best insurance policies for you.


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