Four Times Good Insurance Customer Service Is Very, Very Helpful

What does it take to excel in the insurance industry?


More than a few people ask themselves this as they contemplate a changing landscape where customer service is arguably becoming even more important to policyholders.


When you think about it, you can see why – the pressures of modern life are more and more compounded by the need to operate digital systems and navigate complex processes in order to get what you need, not just in insurance, but in transportation, telecommunication, housing and everything else.


It’s bills, but it’s more than just bills – on top of that, people have a big responsibility to communicate with vendors and services to keep their necessary purchases up to date.


Here are some of the scenarios where we are proud to provide exemplary customer service as an insurance company. 




Submitting a claim is often an emotional experience. Policyholders want to feel like they have an office that has their back, and cares about the outcome. They may face pushback from parties that don’t want to pay out, and so they need all of the support they can get.


Shopping for Insurance


People are inundated with commercials saying they can save money by a quick shopping process.


However, when they start, they often realize it’s not as quick as they had expected, nor is it as simple.


So here again, people can benefit from having a helpful guiding hand in the process. A calm and patient voice – someone to care and take an interest and guide them to the process – this is what separates the truly great company from the mediocre insurance shop.


Renewing Cards


Sometimes a driver needs a new registration or insurance card.


In some ways, this is as easy as pressing a button, but in other ways, this is one of the places where customer service matters the most. Yes, the employee is in the office, safely surrounded by computers and other gear. The policy holder, on the other hand, is usually at a shop or in transit, battling traffic or trying to locate items in a vehicle, or in some other stressful scenario, and they need help.


Continued Service


From time to time, people also want to feel like their investment is appreciated. That’s another point where good customer service can come in handy for an insurance business.


When you look at all the above, what you see is that the philosophy of delivery matters in insurance. It’s not just a question of nuts and bolts or dollars and cents. People want to feel valued and supported, and be confident that the insurance companies writing the policies and managing the paperwork can stand behind their processes. Let Huntington Pacific Insurance Agency have a hand in your insurance plan.


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