Some Major Components Of Restaurant Insurance

In our experience, we have found that restaurant managers and owners have some of the most challenging jobs around!

Of course, their staff have very challenging jobs as well – there’s the time pressure of the kitchen, and the impact on chefs, line cooks, servers and bartenders, and other people who are busing or doing something else in the restaurant.

But when it comes to management, there are some complexities to restaurant insurance, too. These are things that we often go over with clients in detail, to fully cover their needs and help them to understand how this part of the industry works.

Let’s talk about a few of those in the context of how we serve our customers who are running food service businesses.

General Liability Insurance

In running a restaurant, you need general site liability insurance. You need to be sure that lawsuits against your business will be settled without impacting your personal finances and threatening the business solvency.

We’ll talk more about this on a case-by-case basis as we advise you on the right coverage.

Worker’s Compensation

Again, the jobs of restaurant people are not just high-pressure – they can be dangerous as well. Finger cuts are just one example of workers’ compensation cases in a restaurant that need to be addressed.

When you have adequate workers’ compensation insurance, it’s a shield for your business. It means you have somewhere defined to go, an applicable strategic response, when an emergency happens, and you’re not just scrambling for answers.

So workers’ compensation is a big component of restaurant business insurance, and it’s something we can help you work through. Ask us about the ins and outs of setting and writing WC policies for a restaurant business, and some of the common pitfalls that can apply.

Loss of Income Insurance

Suppose you suffer loss of income because of an event that is beyond your control. You want to have coverage for this type of circumstance, too. Once again, we can show you the nuts and bolts, and help you to choose the levels of coverage that are most appropriate for your business. That puts you on solid ground as everyone works day to day.

Property Damage

Then there is insurance for the physical building: but not just that – everything in the kitchen – the range, the hood, the broiling ovens, etc. Many of these are big dollar items that need to be insured against loss, and the property damage element takes that into account.

Crime and Vandalism Insurance

Think of this component of restaurant business insurance as being, in some ways, similar to the comprehensive insurance that you would get on a vehicle. Beyond just general liability, this sort of coverage typically kicks in if you have somebody maliciously destroying things in your restaurant, or playing pranks that are ultimately not funny.

Ask Huntington Pacific Insurance Agency about how to set up restaurant business insurance.

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