The Real Value Of Customer Service In Insurance

Why does it make a difference who you go to for insurance?


When we talk about serving our community in Huntington Beach and the surrounding area, we talk about what it takes to truly support your policyholders and their families. It has to do with providing that human touch and being sure to be reliable and accessible for the people paying for the insurance product!


Being “on hand” and able to help with proof and paperwork is a big part of the job. But some companies do that well, and some… well, maybe not so much. 

You and Your Notary


When making certain insurance changes or decisions, you’re often at a notary’s office or some other office where you need to get information to and from your insurance agent.


With that in mind, it makes a difference whether your agent picks up the phone or has a working fax number, or saves you time with the transaction. The clock is ticking, and a good insurance company knows this.


We excel at working with our policyholders wherever they are, whether at a notary or in some other government office, or in a business situation where they need to make an insurance change happen quickly. Or when they need information. Again, the key is to be there and available in the moment. That’s what counts. In times like these, people don’t have time to wrangle with an automation platform. They need a real person in their corner. 

Our people


In this business, we’re only as good as our people. And our people are good!


We train our staff sufficiently and get the best in-house talent to serve customers. So you know that the person you’re talking to is knowledgeable and reliable – which is a big value these days. Anything else will likely leave you frustrated or confused in a tight spot, for example, in a claim scenario or trying to prove that you have a policy to some third party. 


Basically, insurance has to “work” – it has to fulfill the role it was intended for, that it was taken out for in the first place. That gets harder when you have a faceless call center or some other kind of inferior customer service platform where you can’t get answers when needed. Anyone who has ever dealt with something like this knows what we’re discussing. 


With our outreach and attentive service, we help residents in the Huntington Beach/Santa Clarita area get all the insurance they need to safeguard their finances and investments in assets. We’re here for you in every stage of life, and we consider your household and your needs!


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