Three Tricky Types Of Insurance

What do you have to think about when choosing insurance policies for yourself and your household? It takes some work, and some deliberate decision-making, especially if you want the best policy and coverage available.

There are a number of factors in how you select coverage and get the best quotes and rates for your insurance policies!

Some of them have to do with your own demographics, and where you live, as well as what you own, and how you use it.

Let’s talk about some of the common types of insurance that we offer, and how we consult with our customers to get them the best-customized policies.

Car Insurance

With car insurance, there are various factors like your ZIP Code, where you’re keeping the car, the model and year of the car, and how much you paid for it. But then there’s also how much you use it and where you take it. Black marks on your driving record can make a difference, too, unfortunately.

We talk to customers about their daily use and estimated annual use, and some of these other above factors so that we can work that into a more complicated and sophisticated quote model. This helps them to save money on the policies that they select for getting around every day!

Motorcycle Insurance

With motorcycle insurance, specific types of risk apply. You may get a pretty big break on this type of pricier coverage based on how much you use the motorcycle. Various safety features can also lower your premium costs, too.

Because these are significant issues with a policy, we will walk you through all of these details and try to get you to a place where your motorcycle insurance is more affordable for you over the long term.

Boating Insurance

If you have a boat or other water vehicle, you need specialized insurance on that, too. You’ll see insurance companies writing on their blogs about boating safety, and about the dangers of being inebriated on the water, partly because your annual use affects your boat insurance rates and the actual safety results that you get when you take your boat out.

So this is another thing that we go over in detail with customers as we craft policies for them.

Add a good carrier network and a dedication to customer service and you have a winning combination for insurance in our neck of the woods. Take a look and work with a company that knows how to set you up for success. 

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